Finding our Way to Trinidad

Tropical storm Ernesto is causing some flight delays.  So, after a wonderful visit with Tante Joyce (Junie’s sister-in-law) in Willemstad Curacao, we wait in the airport, for our flight to depart.  Nicole and Elias are quickly becoming seasoned travelers, their patience is remarkable and contagious.After the Ernesto rains and wind subsided, we boarded an airplane about the size (and decor) of a greyhound bus.  Our journey to our final destination, Port of Spain Trinidad, had begun.  Nicole was prepared with all the ear-popping-preventing medicine we could use.

Here is our first glimpse of Trinidad, from the airplane.

We were met at the airport by Jesse James, and the new director of the International School.  They were welcoming and warm, making us feel at home, despite the surreal feeling of driving through the streets of Port of Spain at night, being escorted to our new home, Jesse driving on the left side of the road, the steering wheel on the right side of the van.  Very surreal, exciting, and wonderful.

We were dropped off at the school to pick up our new car, which also had the darn steering wheel on the wrong side!  So Junie drove, thank goodness.  We were told there had been a little problem in our apartment last night; they had discovered a leak in the pipes during the walk-through last night, so we would be staying at a different apartment for one night, and would move into our more permanent place the following night.  So we slept like boulders that night, and as promised, the following day, we moved into our new place.  A beautiful and spacious apartment located on the 5th floor, with a lovely balcony overlooking the city, the hills, and our swimming pool.  The views from the balcony:We had a delicious dinner in our new home, and had dispersed to our bedrooms to begin setting things up; finally transferring our belongings from our suitcases into more permanent homes.  Nicole had just organized her photographs of family and friends and displayed them on her mirror when we heard a loud bang, followed by unrecognizable scraping, sloshing, thudding sounds.  We all ran into the kitchen to see a steaming downpour; water was falling from the ceiling along with the ceiling itself.  Before long, the whole apartment was flooded, and we were having flashbacks to Hurricane Irene.  We managed to put our belongings up high enough to prevent any water damage, the landlord was located, the switch to the damaged hot water tank was turned off, and we had packed our bags, ready to be moved again.

So here I sit from the Marriot Hotel, where the school has graciously put us up until our new home is found.  We were shown two new places yesterday, and have chosen a beautiful spot out in Maraval, a suburb of Port of Spain which is about 20 minutes from the school, in the northwest direction; on the way to Maracas Bay.  It should be ready for us to move in sometime this week.  In the meantime, we will continue to get acquainted with our surroundings, our school, our new colleagues, and our new lives here in Trinidad.

Our colleague and savior, Marie.  She has been showing us around and helping us find all the important places in and around Port of Spain!

We were alarmed at first, too!  6 TT dollars equals 1 US dollar.  Phew, we can order a latte and not break the bank!

Two of our new colleagues, the High School Guidance counselor and the Technology Coordinator.

Nicole in the International School’s library. The only thing missing here is Elizabeth Bissell!

So long for now, will keep you posted!

7 thoughts on “Finding our Way to Trinidad

  1. Oh boy, this sounds like an epic adventure!!! Miss you guys. I love seeing the pictures and going along with you on this journey.

  2. Wow guys, what a story! Thank you so much for the update. Love to read it and stay in touch. Lots of succes for the coming weeks… you!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your apartment woes. I hope the new one came with a pool and a view. I bet Junie was glad he didn’t need to fix the water heater or the ceiling.

    A good friend of mine has a WordPress blog and she has it set up to send out an e-mail every time there’s a new post. I don’t see where I can sign up on this one. I’m not on Facebook every day, so e-mail is good…

    Miss you guys. Give a mailing address once you have one. Junie asked us to send him Chips Ahoy.

  4. So so happy to hear from you, Ellen! thanks for the update and so sorry to hear about the apartment woes! But it sounds like you are all in very good hands there. Ella says “Hi Nicole and the pictures of you are so beautiful, you look so happy! I hope we can see you there someday!” Lots of love, peace and best wishes for the coming weeks as you settle into your new surroundings! It looks beautiful there, just lovely. I met two new colleagues this week at SIT from Barbados, both school principals, and we are planning some work in Barbados, so let Junie know we may be calling upon him as well!

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