Rainy Season in Trinidad

“alyuh check dis scene – friggy come trini an rain fallin till it flood…she walkin in she tall boots an she oversized yellow plastic rain coat an jump in she rubber dingie an start to paddle with she flip flops….”
In other words, during rainy season (June- November), you don’t know if you should be reaching for the orange bathing suit, the orange umbrella, or the orange life saving ring.  It is unpredictable, as they say!  One minute it is a downpour, the next minute it is sunny as can be.
We’ve learned the importance of being prepared.  Just have both bathing suit and umbrella on hand at all times.  (Preferably, they will match)

11 thoughts on “Rainy Season in Trinidad

  1. Ella was quite taken with the matching umbrella and bathing suit and now wants to know where Nicole got that outfit cuz she wants one….
    Love these photos, Ellen….you don’t seem so far away!
    love, the Gannon-Bogdonoffs in Winchester, NH where we could use some Trinidad rainy season!

    • We got the umbrella at the Excellent Store in Port of Spain. I think the bathing suit was a hand-me-down from my friend Marlea Clark. Sorry, Ella! I bet you could come up with a cool umbrella-bathingsuit combo that works for you. Send us a picture, please!

  2. The photo is spectacular, especially your bathing/rain-shielding beauty. I felt a little sad, because I have a bag of clothes and keep hoping you’ll come by to pick them up…but following your adventures is the next best thing! xo m

  3. Nicole is so color coordinated she even matches the orange chair cushions behind her — must say something about how she fits in the world!

  4. We will take some more cool pictures today. Hopefully we will move into our new home tomorrow! We have only been here a week, but the newness of it all is a challenge to the senses. More later!!

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