Mermaids, Mudslides, and Home Sweet Home.

Nicole bid a fond farewell to the other mermaids in the Marriott’s pool.  It was a difficult goodbye, they had bonded as only mermaids can.  As excited as the other three of us were to get out of the hotel and into our new home, Nicole had adamantedly voted to live in the Marriott.  Why?  Three reasons:  1.  They have fancy mints.  2.  They have servants that clean your room.  3. They have a pool.

Majority ruled.

We packed up our suitcases once again, and left the Marriott to drive to Maraval,  a northern suburb of Port of Spain.  We drove the 15  minute commute, and were thrilled to arrive at our door step.

The door we will be opening every day for the next two years, when we come home.

This is what we will see every morning as we head out the door.

There are beautiful white birds that fly by, making a dramatic contrast with the dark green of the hills.

Our refrigerator is stocked, with yummy local treats such as sorrel drink, lime and pepper sauce, and papaya, along with some of our important staples like half and half and hummus.
We are settling in, and feeling our systems slow down as we sink into the reality of our new life.
Elias, limin’ at home with his brand spanking new all black school shoes, as per the uniform code at ISPS.
Nicole will don her shiny black shoes, soon.
After she finishes playing in the slippery soft sludge left by the mudslide.    (Did I mention the tropical wave that passed through last night?)

5 thoughts on “Mermaids, Mudslides, and Home Sweet Home.

  1. nice digs great fridge(that picture must have been taken before elias got there) junies feet got a little smaller…but much cleaner!

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