Bubbles from up high

I am so inspired to hear all the amazing plans people have before they depart this life as we know it.  I can hear your voices as I write your wishes, and I know they are on their way to becoming a reality.

Go to Australia.     Swim the Great Barrier Reef.     Be completely happy.

Jump off a really high cliff into the water.

Be my authentic self.

Own my own baking  business.

Write a really good novel.

Own my home and have two kids.     Have a job I love that pays enough.  Own a VW van.

Live in a house on the water.

Play a musical instrument.

Be a grandfather who spoils his grandchildren.

Witness peace in the world.

Know that my children are happy.

Learn a new language.

Sing in a jazz band.

Be my own boss.

Build a treehouse retreat.

Witness more peace and justice and less violence and sorrow in the world.

Somehow live a little bit closer to the edge.

We have been busy  living out our little dream here in Trinidad.  This week found us a bit closer to the edge, moving again, hopefully for the last time within our two year stint here.  We quickly came to realize that the commute from Maraval was taking too much of our days.  Traffic was made more intense and slow by mudslides, skinny roads, and mysterious slow downs that came and went.  Some days it took over an hour to get home from school.

Maraval Landslide

So now we live within walking distance to the school, and are loving our new place and our new commute!
The fact that we live so close to school gives us quite a thrill.  In fact, there are many reasons to feel happy these days.  One of them is the fact that we are getting quite capable at driving on the left side of the road.
Then there is the fact that we have a star on our new home!
This may not mean much to you, but if you did as much biking in and around the roads of Southern Vermont and New Hampshire with John Tumavicus as I have,  you would have heard so many hilarious and far fetched interpretations of what a star on a house signifies.  It so happens that many houses in New England are decorated with these mysterious stars.  We would be out on long bike rides and imagine what kind of cult or group or message this star was representing.  We finally learned that it signifies that someone in the star-emblazoned house works with their hands.  Not as dramatic as some of our imaginings, but pretty cool nonetheless.
So to come upon the star at our new doorstep in Trinidad gave us all a thrill.  And made us feel like John was right with us, making up some new story about what people who live in houses with stars really do in there…
Then there is the view.  This is what it looks like at sunrise, before my morning walk/run.
This is what my morning walk/run looks like:
And here is the view from the front, after my run.  Notice the ships at sea on the horizon.
Here is the view after a long day at school.  Notice the handstand and the handsome guy looking on.or is it the other way around?Here is the view beneath the rainbow when the neighborhood kids are out to play.  Thank goodness for neighborhood kids!Another thing that is so great about our shortened commute is that we have more time in the mornings for doing things.
Like blowing bubbles
 from the balcony,
before school.
Yes, there are still the dreadful relentless boxes to unpack yet again, but there are also important things to learn from it all.
Like how to catch the bubble
after you’ve launched it into the warm morning sky.
And how best to eat the last mango in the bowl together.
without staining the white school uniform shirt too much.

8 thoughts on “Bubbles from up high

  1. Hi Ellen! Your writing is pure poetry! Your photos are beautiful! I would love to have an experience like you are having right now! We miss you at school, but so happy you are doing well and living life “a little bit more on the edge…” -Kara

  2. Hey aunt ellen! Those pics of the sunrise and ur morning walk/run are so beutiful (i dont think i spelled that right). Miss u guys!! I send hugs and kisses from maine! Luv u all:)

  3. The thing about you guys is that no matter where on this sweet earth you plant yourselves you are sure to create a beautiful life for yourselves AND to brighten the lives of those around you. Keep up the inspiring writing and photographs!

  4. Ellen, I love following your adventures in pix and prose (almost said, music and song). Much love to all four stars who are now living in the star house!
    Love, Mum

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