Birds of a Feather

We visited Coroni Swamp this week, a bird sanctuary and the second largest mangrove wetland in Trinidad and Tobago.  We learned that the scarlet ibis is born a dull grayish  color.  It stays this rather nondescript color when it is young, and right around the time it begins to fly, it also begins to change into a much more distinctive glorious red color.

People are like that too.  The older we get, the more we are able to find our true colors and take flight.

Our little Nicoley turned seven this week, and has she ever taken flight.

in attitude,

in rosiness,

in beauty,

in presence (and presents),


and in sass.


There are many things to be thankful about this Thanksgiving Day.  At the top of this list is the fact that these two birds have each other.

no matter where their brilliant flight takes them.

This makes a couple of  old mommy and daddy birds very happy.

We can be rest assured that her big brother will keep watch over her,

as she takes wing

and changes our skies into colors we didn’t even know existed

before Nicole jumped in

to our hearts.

Like the best of big brothers, he will keep watch,

even when her view may be obscured,

be it self-induced

or brought on by  the messy  tangles that life can bring.


There are times when she

will be watching after him as well,

and other times she will want to wriggle out of his love.

and find her own mountains to climb,

or to hang with her own flock,

But she’ll know she can always

return to the nest.

In the case of the scarlet ibis, the bright color it radiates  is due to its diet, which is rich in shrimp and crab.

For Nicole, I think her radiance stems from other dietary sources.

An area in which I know big brother ibis will freely support.

On this Thanksgiving day, I give thanks to the radiant presence of Nicole in our lives,

We are so lucky she is flying along with us.

And to her radiant big brother.

A living testament  that birds of a feather flock together!

Happy Birthday, Nicole!

We love you!

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