Thinking in Haiku

 This week I was invited to join an online Haiku group. The goal is to write and share a haiku every day.   It has been an amazing practice, and has gotten me thinking constantly in syllabic groupings of 5-7-5.   Lets pretend these star apples are lined up in rows of 5, 7, and 5 for example.  Anyway, I think you get the idea.



Mango season ebbs

And flows like Maracas Bay

waves and fickle love



Portugals so good

that we forget how to drive

on the left side.  oops.



“I tired,” he said.

“Dirt road to beach steep, legs sore.”

Smile free with purchase.

blueumbrellabike .

Not New England light.

Brighter, fiercer, louder.  A

quarter of her life.



Teens with toddler hearts

alive.  No ipods, just paint.

Miss, we’re amazing!



Spicy, sweet, juicy.

Metaphorically Trini.

Pineapple chow, nuh?



Run where the beach ends.

You might free your mind or meet

the Queen of Soca.



Learning to swim is

a lot like learning to fly.

The ego goes first.



Footprint mandala.

We all yearn to leave our mark.

Why not stomp it out?



In between our hands

So much can happen like light

and surprising blues.



There are so many

ways we can cover ourselves.

dis-cover something.


10 thoughts on “Thinking in Haiku

  1. Hi Ellen! Greetings from snowy Vermont! Very nice Haiku’s and photos…which came first? (I suspect the photos…..) Life goes on here in educationland, home of the common core. Sounds like you are having a blast. Maybe we will see you again sometime? MIke B.

    • Hi Mike!
      Thanks for your kind words! And yes, you will be seeing me again in 7 months or so… you make it sound so inviting and hard to resist. And to answer your question- in some cases the words came first, but most of them the photo came first.

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