christmas is coming…the limes are getting plentiful

We are jumping into our fifth month here in Trinidad,DSC_0524and the word of the month is lime.


As Christmas approaches, the limes have been getting more and more plentiful.  Not just the limes on the trees, but the limes that people are having as the holidays get closer.  You can find this term in the online “Trinidadian for visitors” dictionary,

Lime, Limin’
1: To hang out to pass the time, or chill out. When a group engages in a prearranged activity. To bus ah lime – to congregate for idle chatter with a group of friends. 2: A group or circle of friends who regularly hang out together. Originally, to relax and do nothing like a limey (A “limey” is a New World nickname for a British person, a term that originated from British sailors eating limes to prevent scurvy). Join us for a lime at Maracas Beach.

There are birthday limes


There is limin’ with apple J


Many limes involve pig roasts, and I mean the whole kit and caboodle, right there on the plate, as though it is sleeping in the lettuce bed.  This little piggy is having a nice last ride before the deep sleep.


And this little piggy is sleeping tight?

PIGGY[1]Limes can really happen anywhere.  You could  lime in an old ruin if you like.

sepia ruins

Or have a quiet lime in the library with the Guinness Book of World Records.

elias reads to kidsWhen the librarian isn’t looking, the library lime might get a bit more raucous.

fun in library

You could find some folks limin’ Gagnam style on a Saturday morning,


and others in the neighborhood limin’ on a board, to keep from getting bored.

jumpingonalogYou could find a quiet father-daughter lime at the top of Fort George, which offers an amazing panoramic view of Port of Spain,

fort george Or you might see some tired hashers basking in the lime-like chill of completing another hash through the jungle, having arrived not-to0-scathed from holding onto vines and bamboo shoots for dear life as we slid down (and up) the slippery muddy hills of Cascade.

hash pink

Even if you happened to finish last.  Our twelve-year old friend joined us this week on a hash, and she and I were bringing up the rear so to speak.  When the hash master walked with us towards the finish line,as dark was encroaching and it was clear that we were indeed the last ones, she asked him, “how many hours late are we actually finishing?”  And he replied, “You aren’t finishing late, you are finishing!”

last place hash

Focusing on the finishing part instead of the late part worked just fine for us.

We were limin’ after all.


2 thoughts on “christmas is coming…the limes are getting plentiful

  1. I love the limin’ gangnam style! I feel spoiled, two posts in a row. As the days go by I am more and more jealous of my dad and brother getting to go see you soon! But I will live vicariously through your gorgeous photos!

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