Holding on: Lego Friends and Basketball

There are certain things in life that make us feel good.  When they are missing, we feel off kilter.

When we have them in our hot little hands, our place in the world feels more secure.  We can breathe easier, with more joy than we feel without them.

This can change from moment to moment, from day to day, and from year to year.

For Nicole this morning, it was her little ‘Lego Friends’ magician.  We couldn’t get out the door until she was located.

We searched far and wide, and finally found her in an obvious place.


Nicole explained to us that she had switched the magician’s hair with that of the Pet Shop Owner.

Hence, the confusion.


For Elias this weekend, it was all about the basketball.


Every single ounce of concentration and focus


went into keeping track of that round orange ball.


He and his teammates put their hearts and souls into the CAISSA tournament.

Teams from Trinidad, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela competed in the Caribbean Area International Schools Sports Association; hosted this year by our very own ISPS,

playing ball in an intensely full  three day weekend of basketball and cultural exchange.


The ball.

When to grab it,


when to pass it,


when to catch it,


when to shoot it,


when to let it go.


When to compete,


when to support,


when to congratulate,


and when to stand up for what you believe.


The ball was passed around like a hot potato until the awards ceremony,


where the ISPS Caimans proudly traded in their basketballs for  their  very respectable second place medals.

Holding on to what you love, whether it is a lego magician with a pet shop owner’s hair,

or a perfect orange basketball,

 makes you feel good, plain and simple.


This  is why we keep on holding on to what we love.

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