A World of Opportunities is There for the Taking.

For eleven jam packed days, my fearless travelling companion and I practiced seeing a world of opportunities wherever we went,

seeing a world of opportunities

We followed the R.B.C.  directions  on the billboard at  the St. Martin Airport.

“Seeing a World of Opportunities.  Strength at Work For You.”

In search of these opportunistic chances, we  travelled on the “Carribbean bus”  to the turquoise warmth of St. Croix


via St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Domenica, and St. Martin.

airplane journaling

Then onto the bitter cold beauty of Vermont;


to the snowy Maine seacoast, full of more than fifty shades of gray,

with subtle hints of color for the taking if you really look for it;


to the brightly colored  kitsch of Miami


on the way back home to Trinidad.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 10.09.00 PM

We looked for opportunity wherever we went because that is always the best choice to make.

A visit to the pediatrician in Trinidad brought some news we didn’t necessarily want to hear.

While far from life threatening, we were advised to visit a U.S. specialist, one who knows the medical history, in order to test to see if everything is on the right track. (it is)

“Strength at Work For You,” the sign said.


We packed that strength right into our bags.

Replacement Battery Cartridges, Rare Book Collections, Rodeo Bible Camp, Rugged Beach Cowards, Raw Beet Chowder, Royal Bank of Canada;

whichever combination  of R, B  and  C  made that authoritative announcent,

we read it like it was our personal fortune cookie, served up on a plate along with the Chinese food bill and delivered directly to our table.

We forged ahead with their advice.

We slapped on our Red Badges of Courage, bought a couple of tickets, gathered our supplies, and notified the proper authorities.


We were on our way.


Given the fact that we had already booked our mother-daughter tickets to visit old friends in St. Croix for our school break,


we knew we would have to modify our return trip to include a visit to wintry New England.


While Junie and Elias chipped their way through jouvert morning and



Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 9.24.29 PM

Nicole and I practiced being in the moment, wherever we landed.

Whether sledding down a steep slope of white powder


or pausing for an icy cold drink in the sun,

nic in snow

we savored the windows of opportunity our world offered us during those eleven days.


In eleven short days, we saw several different worlds,


all of them loaded with opportunities of every size,



and color.


Opportunities to see beauty and contrasts


which made our hearts full


and our heads spin.


Opportunities to connect with old old friends who laughed with us,


and held our hands when we felt nervous.


Opportunities to connect with old young friends.


Opportunities to make new friends.


and to re-aquaint ourselves with familiar delicacies with even more friends.


Opportunites to find color in the greys.


and to see the greys in the color.


Opportunites to connect with family.


and to be plopped down smack dab in the middle of  a pile of cousins.


Strength to know which piers to jump off,


and which ones to enjoy from the window.


Opportunities to see how much pneumatic lungs and snowy winter  trees look alike.


The strength to trade in pink winter boots


for dalmatian embellished hot pink flip flops.


And the strength to take that ride on the carousel even when our energy has worn thin.


The opportunity to bask in the glow of Uncle Eddie entering a new decade.


and to help see another incredible birthday wish come true.


The opportunity of experiencing the joyful gift of life


with those we love.


Wherever we find them.


And the strength to pack up and take the journey when called for.

DSC_0700 DSC_0679


It was worth every step.


So the next moment you get the chance to see the world,


know that it is a world full of opportunity, and that  strength is always there for the taking.

Take it!

14 thoughts on “A World of Opportunities is There for the Taking.

  1. That was absolutely beautiful! You had me in tears. Thank you so much for your love and courage and inspiration you’re sharing with the world to take hold of the precious moments in life. Keep up the positive attitude, it’s greatly appreciated : )

  2. Joyful weeping(again) for your display of opportunity everywhere. Feels like I’ve met the family once more-they have all grown!- and am always recharged by your radiant smile and by how you find beauty in the details of life.

  3. Ellen, with each word and picture you give me “strength to pack up and take the journey when called for.” I don’t know why I have been called to this journey but, you inspire strength and hope. The sky is grey and snow is falling… I am looking for the color, thanks to you!

  4. What a wonderful glimpse into your journey. Helen and I used to call these our “chick trips.” What beautiful images of contrast from warm sunny seas to the cold New England coast. Carry on ladies!

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