At the risk of sounding redundant…

This is, miraculously, my 44th post.

Almost as many as my years on this earth.  Things have a way of adding up without us noticing or consciously permitting.

Although the message isn’t always spelled out,


the bottom line is,


So short, we don’t always have the time to get it completely right.

So many of my blog posts seem to say the same thing in different ways, sometimes more clearly than others.


The distance between this:


and this:


isn’t all that long.


Quite the opposite of long, really.


We collect a lot of stuff on our journey from whichever  “point A to point B” trail we happen to be traveling at any given moment.


Early on, we get some help with our load.  What to put in, how best to carry it.


Then it becomes up to us alone to decide.

Some of the stuff we keep, some of it we dump, some sinks stubbornly to the bottom of our truck beds.

Ultimately, we spend our lives figuring out how best to carry these bundles of stuff we’ve got.


without getting immobilized with the weight of it all.


With enough concentration and focus,


trying our best to keep our eyes where we are going and our wheels firmly on the ground,


we figure out how to maneuver our lives as a vehicle for forward motion,


and there we ride, all loaded up, like happy bunnies and bears,


because we can’t let ourselves forget that


In our neck of the woods, we have been trying to keep up with our part of extending our little lives  by exercising.

The dry season has brought a big reduction in the humidity, along with wonderfully welcome breezes that gently invite us to move.


Saturday found us participating in a walk-a-thon around the Savannah; Port-of-Spain’s city commons, which has a path that gives the runner/walker/scooterer/biker,  beautiful and varied sites to take in, including coconut stands, the zoo, the botanical gardens,


the performing arts center, historic buildings and  the hustle and bustle of the city itself.


After exercise comes relaxation.




When offered cucumber eye packs with your spa treatment,


or a hand picked coconut to drink as a reward for running one more lap in the hot sun,


don’t say no.

Because, whether or not you can see it,


Look around,


 drink it in.



_DSC0272 _DSC0275 _DSC0277

6 thoughts on “At the risk of sounding redundant…

  1. I loved the picture of the botanical gardens; something about the light and the color just made it so beautiful!!! We love you, Grace+ Maine family

    • Gracie! I took that picture with you in mind, actually. That flower blooms on a a tree. Imagine a tree full of those. It is called a cannonball tree. It is very pretty and cool, a lot like you. love,
      Aunt Ellen

  2. this is so inspiring Ellen. I knew you from afar in Brattleboro. You’ve summed up our lives so profoundly and have made brave choices. I’ve found wherever we are and whatever choices we make, there’s always stuff to carry. But the lighter the load, the better we can dance and skip.

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