Go Fly a Kite and DFTBA

It is remarkable how perfectly timed school vacations are.

Just when you think you can’t possibly do it any more,


there it is.

The last day of school (before vacation). You can see it, feel it, you can almost taste it, but invariably there is much to be done on a day like this.

The transition between work and no-work brings with it a slew of frenzied finishing touches.


You find yourself planning and plotting how to navigate the crowds and last minute details , leaving a trail of color behind you as you race away towards your much needed break.


Invariably, your colors will get snagged by a few more t’s to cross or i’s to dot and you think maybe vacation will not come at all.


You gather your thoughts, take a deep breath, and remember the advice two very intelligent fifth graders left on the blackboard.


(DFTBA= Don’t Forget To Be Awesome)

Remembering your awesomeness, you cross those t’s and dot those i’s and try again to make an exit as you zip through the obstacle course whose exit prize is a closed classroom door.


Before you know it, you are soaring.

 Spring vacation has arrived.


You can take off your mask


and begin to remember who you are outside of school.


You can enjoy some un-graded, un-assessed non-productivity.


and maybe see yourself reflected in someone else’s eyes.


You can reconnect


with your natural surroundings,


and  your sister,


and have time to think


an uninterrupted thought or two.


Maybe even get a little drawing done that is completely unrelated to any benchmark or standard.


During vacation, you can linger over tea and cupcakes with your aunties even if it doesn’t say  “lunch” or “snack” on the schedule.


You can spend some family time “down de islands” before heading out to the Mayaro beach house with fifteen other teenagers.


Maybe you’ll get to hang out with a  cool Italian-Trini playmate on the boat.


or help to drop anchor in the port of no school for two whole weeks.

Although we may be too tired to smile about it today,


We are happy to be on vacation, really, we are.


Happy Spring Everyone!


I hope you are all finding some much needed  time to  celebrate, keep calm, and DFTBA.


5 thoughts on “Go Fly a Kite and DFTBA

  1. Beautiful photos (again) Ellen. Let us know if you know of a boat we can hook up with to go down the islands. We’ve been trying since September with no luck! Too bad we don’t have kids with us this time around. Families make great connections. Hope you and the family have a great vacation break. See you in mid-April.

    Mike and Debbie

  2. I just LOVE reading your blog Ellen! Thanks for sharing your photography, your life and your philosophy – it feels my soul!

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