Dear Trinidad

Dear Trinidad,

 I am sipping my last paw paw and mango smoothie before we hop on the plane to head to the land of strawberries and peaches.

And delicious overpriced coffee drinks.

starbucks treat

The classroom door is dismantled

dismantled door

and some of us already got a jump start on our New England summer vacation.

airport goodbye

As we make a full circle, ending our first year as international teachers and students, we hold on to the experience you gave us.

We hold on to it with our fingertips, like a sweet slippery candy.

sweet in hand

Like a luscious chennette that lives in a perfectly ingenious package

chenet in hand

or a passion fruit heart whose flavor takes you by surprise.

passionfruit in hand

We will pack you  into the suitcases of our minds

blue bird yellow building

along with the colors,

rash of color


cool palm sunset


yellow flowers


chenet stand


iguana running


beach sibs

and the silence

tower view

of Port of Spain.


While we are away,

we will dream

nic ali sleep

about your trees that look like regal Carnival women wearing fancy feathery hats,

carnival woman

 about the sharp quench of fresh coconut water,

coconut maracas

and your kiskadees that perch anywhere and everywhere.

kiskadee looking back

Thank you for this experience, you have taken us in and taught us many lessons,

not the least of which is  how to be stronger and better equipped to embrace change.

You didn’t give up on us when we wanted to quit.

j and kids

You just kept on shining your unrelenting brightness right at us.

sunset in westmoorings

We will see you in a few weeks.


this humble family of jumping hamsters.

10 thoughts on “Dear Trinidad

  1. One Tumavicus-Pereira seems to have made a smooth transition back to Vermont (though tonight, it’s New Hampshire), and has perhaps not missed a beat re-connecting with local friends and frolic. We are mighty glad to have him (when the 2 are home), and look forward to some picnics and swims with the rest of you. Safe journey!

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