Ping Pong Living

  This ping pong life style…



We are at home in Vermont, preparing our nest for travel.

Carefully packing the essential fragments of our lives that we think we will need for the year ahead.

nest vt


We are in Trinidad.

Taking note, for one solid year, every new smell, sight, and sound.

Realizing so many of those carefully packed fragments we didn’t even touch.

maracas fore


We are back in Vermont again, immersing ourselves right into the comfortable green palette.

kids in vt field

Nothing new at all in Brattleboro, which is exciting in and of itself.

tiger boy


Now we are back in Trinidad again, nestling ourselves into the fact that we are no longer new comers here, but we are almost, kinda-sorta at home.


But not really.

We still need lots of guidance to ride this horse called Trinidad.

nic riding

Guidance that seems to point us in the direction of keeping the best of both worlds that make up our ping-pongy lives

safely in our hearts and deep within the soles of our feet.

While we launch back into the Trinidadian side of the table, we will hold onto our little corner of Vermont,

the place where hope and hemptation can intersect in one amazing kale and arugula patch,

hemp and hope

and carrots and beets can bring on smiles that twinkle

veggie boy

almost as brightly as a summer evening whisper.

whisper lyd


In Vermont, the light is softer,

lewis light

as are the colors and lines that make up the landscape.

pink petunias

The faces are more familiar,

on the street

parade flags

and in your face.


Some familiar faces have taken on new twists during our Vermont stay,


along with some new convictions.

be the change you

Going back and forth between cultures can feel like trying on a new hat that takes some maneuvering before it fits.


Sometimes the new hat, no matter how pretty and exotic, can weigh you down.

watermelon boy

The hope is that, with time and practice, we eventually wear all of our hats with ease and joy.


Ping-ponging between cultures can feel like staring at a blank canvas.

(What the heck are we doing here?)

blank canvas

One way or another, the canvas will take on a life of its own.

kids painting

Whatever life we choose to give it.


At first the image may be sketchy.

banana sketch

With time, more life emerges,

beginning of painting

And before you know it, your new reality comes into a clearer focus, and there you are,

bathing in the banana flower petal’s morning dew.

banana flower

If that doesn’t work, wearing new shades may help to see things more clearly.

(just borrow them from your local puppeteer who happens to run a dog shelter in her spare time)

annies dog

In any case, we gather up the strength we have in any given moment,

and we take whatever assistance might come our way.


We wear our proudest armor,

iguana girl

we take all the advice we’re given,

whisper polka

and soon the finish line will be right there, for the taking.

finish line

But it is never

the end


It is always

one tree

the beginning

blue chairs

of the

carnival hand


cous walk

(p.s.  During our whirlwind visit, we did not get to visit half of the Vermont/Massachusetts people we wanted to!  I can’t wait to see everyone we missed, as well as those we saw, next summer!  xo)

4 thoughts on “Ping Pong Living

  1. Hi dears, Welcome back in the Caribbean after a happy vacation in Vermont!.
    Already preparing for the Aruba trip in April-May 2014?

  2. great picture of papa ed, he looks like he just had his wallet lightened at build a bear! cant wait to get back to trinidad with johnny , veronica and the adventurous members of wtf! XXXOOO

  3. Beautifully written Ellen. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing thoughts and adventures of your ping pong life! You inspire me to see more of the wonder in life.

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